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KopenTech Year End CLO Review

A picture is worth 1000 words! Please read the 2021 CLO Market Review: Graphs and Charts.

CLO Secondary Market Trends: December 2021

December had a total of $2.59 billion listed on BWICs, lower than November’s $4.34 billion. While posted BWIC volumes were high relative to the rest of the year, only 1.61 billion actually traded via BWIC, consistent with our research that quarter-end DNT spikes are caused by mark-to-market activities. The average volumes for the last 12 months are $3.14 billion for posted and $2.19 billion for traded.

CLO Market Trends: January 2021

CLO Market Trends: February 2021


Opal Group: CLO Summit 2021

KopenTech participated in several panels during last week’s Opal Group CLO Summit in California. Read our takeaways from this year’s conference.

SFA: SFVegas 2021

KopenTech was featured on a panel at SFVegas entitled The Future of Fintech. Topics included securitization trends, tokenization, electronic trading, blockchain and smart contracts. Read the 5 major takeaways from the conference here.

SCI's CLO Special Opportunities Seminar

The first annual SCI CLO Special Opportunities Seminar focused on a few key topics, including “Electronification”. Market participants discussed how technology can help with antiquated trading practices which do not match the growth of the marketplace. “While CLOs have grown to $800 bn, secondary trading has not kept pace with increases in volumes. CLOs trade at only 1/10th the frequency of HY bonds. Why is that? Because electrification is just now coming to CLOs with KopenTech.” – Anthony Schexnayder.

IMN: CLOs & Leveraged Loans

KopenTech was a sponsor of IMN’s CLOs & Leveraged Loans Virtual conference and spoke on the Secondary Market Trading panel.

Opal group: CLO Summit 2020

Secondary CLO Market Trends / CLO Market Monitoring: Key Barometers / CLO Mezz

AltCredit Fund Intelligence: US Summit

The Alt Credit US Summit is a one-day event bringing together the entire alternative credit universe – liquid credit, direct lending and CLO markets.

IMN: ABS East 2021

CLO Monthly Updates

November 2021 Monthly Report

November had a total of $4.3 billion listed on BWICs. This was the highest monthly volume for 2021, which brings the total 2021 YTD BWIC volume to $28.6 billion listed. The average volumes for the last 12 months are $3.2 billion for posted and $2.3 billion for traded.

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