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Trimaran's Catamaran CLO 2014-1 AMR refinancing marks the largest secondary trade in CLO history

June 29, 2021

$466.5 MM Catamaran CLO 2014-1 made history on June 23 when its $429.5 MM AAA tranche printed, marking the largest successful secondary CLO BWIC. The refi lowered Catamaran's weighted average cost of debt by 17 bp, with the cost of debt for the A-1A/AAA tranche being reduced from L+126 to L+110.

HalseyPoint CLO 4 marks 15th AMR transaction

June 28, 2021

HalseyPoint Asset Management embedded the AMR feature into their $405.3M HalseyPoint CLO 4 vehicle. With HalseyPoint closing on June 29th, total CLO volume with the AMR mechanism now exceeds $6.4B.

Trysail CLO 2021-1 becomes 14th deal to utilize online AMR refinancing

June 24, 2021

Sancus Capital’s $307.6M Trysail CLO 2021-1 is the 14th CLO to utilize KopenTech’s online AMR refinancing feature. The Trysail deal closed on June 24th, bringing AMR AUM volume to $6.0B.

Catamaran CLO 2014-1 utilizes online AMR auction in largest-ever refinancing

June 23, 2021

Trimaran Advisors successfully refinanced the $466.5 MM Catamaran CLO 2014-1 on June 23, making history with the largest secondary AAA tranche print since 2014. The A-1A/AAA tranche cleared at L+110.

KopenTech's LiveBidding protocol gets spotlight on The Last Tranche podcast

May 18, 2021

KopenTech's 2-stage LiveBidding CLO trading protocol receives investor praise on Episode 5 of the Last Tranche, hosted by Hugh Minch of Creditflux with Olga Chernova of Sancus. The episode talks about inefficiencies in the CLO market and the electronification of the industry.

Crescent Capital completes refinancing for Atlas VIII CLO using online AMR auction

March 24, 2021

Crescent Capital's Atlas Senior Secured Loan Fund VIII CLO successfully refinanced $284.81 MM of AMR-eligible debt. The AAA tranche cleared at L+115.

Technology simplifies CLO investment process

February 25, 2021

Paola Aurisicchio of GlobalCapital reports on the barriers of CLO investing, and how tech is improving investor's access to information.

Best New Front-Office Fintech Solution at Operations & Services Awards 2021

February 24, 2021

KopenTech is pleased to announce that we have been selected as the "Best New Front-Office Fintech Solution" at Fund Intelligence's Operations & Services Awards 2021.

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