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First-of-its-kind auction for TCW 2019-1 CLO refi set for Thursday

January 27, 2020

Alexander Saeedy of LCD is the latest reporter to highlight the First AMR auction on January 30, 2020.

TCW to revamp CLO refi market with first digital repricing this week CLO refinancings

January 27, 2020

With the first AMR auction only a few days away, we are excited to be featured as the Top Story for Creditflux News.

CLO market eagerly awaits first ever AMR auction

January 22, 2020

Paola Aurisicchio of GlobalCapital is the latest journalist to report on the first AMR auction scheduled for Thursday, January 30th.

Insight: TCW to test waters with first AMR refinancing auction as CLO liability spreads tighten

January 15, 2020

As the first AMR auction date approaches, we are thrilled to be featured in Kerry Kantin’s latest update for LevFin Insights.

First AMR auction set for January 30

January 10, 2020

The auction for 5 tranches of the TCW 2019-1 CLO with the AMR feature, is scheduled for January 30, with settlement on February 18. Kristen Haunss of Reuters takes a closer look at the auction mechanism.

First AMR auction scheduled for end of January

January 09, 2020

The first AMR CLO refinancing auction will take place at the end of January. Kopentech is excited to be the auction service provider for this occasion. Read more from Kristen Haunss of Refinitiv.

BWIC platform

January 08, 2020

The KopenTech BWIC platform gains further industry attention after its first BWIC completed in late December. Structured Credit Investor is the latest publication to highlight the platform.

Upcoming AMR auction featured in Asset-Backed Alert

December 20, 2019

Applicable Margin Reset (AMR) gains further notoriety as the one-year non-call period for TCW AMR CLO 2019-1 comes to a close. The first AMR auction is expected to take place in early February. Additional details can be found in the Asset-Baked Alert article by Allison Bisbey.

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