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Seix Advisors refinances MVEW 2019-1A using online AMR auction

January 15, 2021

Mountain View CLO XIV refinanced its liabilities, using KopenTech’s online AMR platform. $1.3B of bids were received through the platform, resulting in a 3.5x oversubscription. The A1/AAA tranche cleared at L+112.

Columbia embeds electronic AMR refinancing for a second time

December 04, 2020

Columbia Threadneedle prices the $409.3 MM Columbia CENT CLO 30 embedding AMR refinancing. CENT CLO 30 is the tightest five-year reinvestment US CLO since March.

KopenTech’s Barometric Tools Assess Secondary CLO Market Health

November 02, 2020

KopenTech presents the metrics found to be indicative of CLO secondary market health. See the full study published by AltCredit.

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