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KopenTech has partnered with Fixed Income Investor Network (FIIN) to provide market commentary and analysis by senior industry practitioners. Market experts’ participation offers valuable insights into the CLO industry trends.

April 2024 CLO Market Trends
  • New issue volumes increases to 17.4 bn in April
  • Market activity centers on refinancing and resets
  • TRACE volumes moderate, with a decline in IG and an uptick in HY
  • TRACE data reveals only five days surpassing $1 billion in trading
  • Senior debt prices are capped; mezzanine pricing has more dispersion
  • BWIC Activity Declines: both postings and trade volume are lower
  • AAA trading volume plunges, dragging down totals
  • Dealer balance sheets shrink as the buyside lifts them out of paper
Guest Speaker
Angela Best
March 2024 CLO Market Trends
  • New issue volumes fall to 15Bn from LTM highs, but still strong
  • Refis and resets dominate CLO issuance (56% of total)
  • New Issue AAA spreads settle in the 150-165 bps range
  • Strong secondary: 64Bn in Q1 TRACE volume, up 35% YoY
  • The share of traded US BWICs improves to 65%
  • Heavy trading days now common: TRACE shows 10 days > $1BN
  • CLO prices across the capital structure are unchanged
  • March halts broker-dealer balance sheet expansion
Guest Speaker
Michael Shinners
Allspring Global Investments

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